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I have been on the steady pursuit of Scripture truth for over 45 years now. I started this journey deeply indoctrinated by a narrow strain of Fundamentalist Christianity. So, admittedly, my course began greatly skewed and confined.

As a result, much of my path has been about discarding inaccuracy, and undoubtedly I have accumulated additional error along the way. I am sure that a similar story can be said for many, if not most of our readers. Nonetheless, I am content that our way has been decreed by God.

My writings are a record of my own personal voyage of faith, as well as that of a handful of adventurers who have been in and out of my life along the way. Why do I make mention of this? To stress to you, as I have repeatedly over the years, that my writings have never been intended to be a creed for anyone. I have absolutely no corner on the truth whatsoever. Of course, neither does anyone else, regardless of how confidently and forcefully they may present their findings.

It is my simple desire that my material be merely a source of assistance to you in your own personal studies – nothing more, or nothing less. So, take what you can use; and use what you take profitably in your own journey.

Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr.
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