The Dangers of the Controversialists

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Controversy is fraught with dangers. Engrossed by the one desire to condemn a contrary view, the judgment of the controversialist becomes warped, and he does injustice to himself while he unconsciously misrepresents the position of his opponent.

We are not saying that our critic has deliberately misrepresented our position, but that his eagerness to condemn has prevented him from viewing the subject in its true perspective.

Our critic concludes by saying that his denunciation is prompted by loyalty to Christ. The inquisition claimed the same. We mortals are all too prone to think that our views of truth are the truth, and when differing views are put forth, we imagine that the faith trembles in the balance, and that we must defend it at all hazards; whereas the truth of the matter is that the faith is trying us and our exertions to defend it only mar the testing. Uzzah imagined that the ark was in danger of falling, and lost his life in an attempt to steady it.

Vladimir GelesnoffVladimir Gelesnoff
“A Shocking Blasphemy”
Unsearchable Riches, Volume 5
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