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Daring to Think for Yourself

January 12, 2012

It is a melancholy and a humiliating fact that the opinions of most people are determined more by what others around them think and say than by what they believe themselves. They are not accustomed to the proper exercise of their own reason, and do not follow the convictions of their own minds.

Yet there are some who dare to think and act for themselves. To an active and an ingenuous mind there is no pursuit more fascinating than the pursuit of knowledge, no pleasure more exquisite than the discovery of truth. All those who would enjoy this pleasure in its highest sense must love Truth for herself alone; they must emancipate themselves from the trammels of prejudice and public opinion, and dare to follow Truth wherever she may lead.

Truth dreads no scrutiny; shields herself behind no breastwork of established custom or of respectable authority, but proudly stands upon her own merits.

James Campbell
The History and Philosophy of Marriage (1860)


An Open Mind

January 8, 2012

Repetition of doctrine does not make it truth: that makes it vanity.
Acceptance of doctrine by the visible “church” does not make it truth: that makes it ecclesiasticism.
Age of doctrine does not make it truth: that makes it tradition.

The child of God must have an open mind toward the Lord and His Word, willing to cast aside the most cherished of teachings if proved untrue by the Word. Much grace is needed to accept a radical change of doctrine, but the joy our Lord gives when the authority of His Word is accepted, rather than the teachings of men, operates within us in a tremendously powerful and satisfying fashion. It is powerful enough to counteract the persecution that comes to those that align themselves fully with Him, and it is satisfying enough to outweigh any material or other inducements that may be offered to swerve the child of God from his course of fidelity to the Lord.

John H Kessler
The Church Which Is His Body, and the Bride the Lamb’s Wife
Philadelphia Bible Testimony (1938)
Bible Student’s Press (Reprinted 2007)

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