Truth Has Nothing to Fear

The bottom line is that truth has nothing to fear. Investigation will only identify and clear away the clutter, and there’s so much clutter. Actually, it’s error that fears scrutiny. People should be encouraged to think beyond the box and challenge the limits. If what they previously believed is true, their convictions will only be confirmed, and truth will become the presence and power of God within their very souls! …

To blindly and thoughtlessly cling to a doctrine or tradition, and persistently resist and refuse investigation is a clear mark of the spirit of religion, which is a source of grief and great offense toward God. This spirit has nothing but pride and arrogance at its core and was the prevailing spirit in those who rejected and finally crucified the Savior.

Though we may possess truth, if we cling to it blindly, we have not yet received it as God intends. Those who have rightly received truth not only have a great love for truth, but a profound confidence in the same, and a passionate desire to know it better! Because of this they’re continually seeking and growing. To them the definitive statement of truth is not found in their creeds or confessions, neither in their denominational distinctives, nor present understanding, but in Scripture and Scripture alone!

Truth to the humble seeker is not a destination he reaches or an intellectual pinnacle he achieves early in his Christian walk, but a glorious, lifelong journey and quest toward the very heart of God!

Allan Ernest Chevrier
Whatever Became of Melanie? (2005), pages 43-44

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