Seismic Shift in Understanding

No is almost always our first response to God. Especially when God wants us to think or act in a new way …

Peter’s vision [in Acts chapter 10] represented a seismic shift in the popular understanding of God’s grace. Such shifts unsettle the world …

It’s not easy to believe and act in opposition to your religious tradition. It earns you few friends and many enemies …

It’s helpful to remember we weren’t born with beliefs … We were taught what to believe …

The problem is our tendency to carve our beliefs in stone. We too easily adopt uncompromising attitudes and replace once-cherished beliefs with a new collection of rigid assumptions. We forget life is a series of experiences that continually challenge the beliefs we hold sacred …

I’ve learned that asking why is never being unfaithful. Why we believe is every bit as important as what we believe. I once focused on what I believed and gave little thought to why I believed it.

Philip Gulley / James Mulholland
If Grace Is True, pages 23-24, 27, 30-31

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